Konak, İzmir, Türkiye

The Mercer

Customer: Vela Yapı İnş. Ve Tic. A.Ş
Location: Konak, İzmir, Turkey
Type: Commercial
Construction Area: 8.250 sqm
Date: 2017-2019
Status: Constructed

It was designed during the partnership period of Sezyum Architecture + Mennan Elmacı.

Fevzipaşa is one of the most important historical regions of Izmir.

The historical Kemeraltı Bazaar and its contemporary urban atmosphere combine with an infinite harmony.

While working on the project, the most important issue is; combining the historical and urban atmosphere in the same building to create a contemporary and timeless identity.

The fact that the existing parcel boundaries have no clear geometry led the mass to have an identity. The brick which is the most living organic material, formed the main character of the facade in the historical atmosphere.

The black shell color, emphasized the assertive existence in the historical region and it also provided disappearance in the city.

The facade rhythm and urban atmosphere of historical buildings in the region was one of the best examples of the "Regular Irregularity" approach we have been focusing on most, as it constitutes the identity of the shell.

The natural brick facade and wide glass openings were blended to show a contemporary approach in the context of the historical context.

The torn openings in the crust create a transparent surface to match the gabarite of the historic buildings in the region, where the surrounding silhouette can be reflected.

As we aim to reinterpret traditional architectural approaches in historical regions, we examined all the building elements separately. As an irreplaceable element of historical buildings, the jamb has gained a new identity while continuing its presence in our building.

The use of natural materials was combined with a brutalist approach in the interior of the building. It was aimed to design pleasant places for users by creating galleries and vertical gardens by highlighting the green.