Bornova, İzmir, Türkiye

MK House 2

Customer: Mehmet K.
Location: Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
Type: Residential
Construction Area: 300 sqm
Date: 2023
Status: Under Construction

Izmir, Bornova Egesuits penthouse loft 2 storey apartment. In the project designed according to single user needs; On the ground floor, there is a living area, a kitchen and a servant's room, while two guest bedrooms, their own bathrooms, a bedroom, a bathroom and sauna area in the bedroom are designed on the upper floor.
In the east, there is the kitchen and bedrooms overlooking the forest view, and the living and dining area overlooking the Izmir bay and the sunset in the west. Two different landscapes offered spaces for users and guests to have a pleasant time. A balanced design, a simple and contemporary design that is far from exaggeration, has emerged by using wood and marble throughout the house. The project was constructed using steel and concrete structural elements.