Bornova, İzmir, Türkiye

GK House

Customer: Gökhan K.
Location: Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
Type: Residential
Construction Area: 420 sqm
Date: 2023
Status: Under Construction

Izmir, Bornova Egesuits penthouse loft 2 storey apartment. On the ground floor there is a living area, a kitchen and a servant's room, while on the upper floor there are two children's rooms, a shared bathroom planned for the use of two rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom and sauna area in the bedroom, a large terrace where the guests can spend time, a playground connected to the terrace. and bar area.

Keeping the customer's wishes in the foreground, the project, in which simple Art deco and modern interior architectural elements are used, was manufactured using steel and concrete structural elements in the composite system.
While light colors were dominant throughout the house, the design was supported with bronze and calaccata marble used at some points.