Cibuti, Afrika

Acs Plaza Konut

Customer: ACS Company
Location: Djibouti, Afrika
Type: Mixed-Use
Construction Area: 5.860 sqm
Date: 2023
Status: Concept

Located in the Djibouti region, the project was designed on an area of 1,000 m² and consists of 8 separate office areas and 20 residences of 4 different types with a construction area of 5,860 m2. It is a complex building with rentable offices, meeting areas, co-working areas, gym and parking lot.

Basement floor is reinforced concrete, all other floors are designed as steel carrier system. In the structure consisting of ground + 7 floors; Shops on the ground floor, rentable meeting rooms, offices and social areas where employees can spend time on the first and second floors. There are individual offices on the third floor and residences on the other floors.