• Vnue

Project details

Location : İzmir, Ödemiş
Status   : Under Construction
Type : Residential / Commercial
Cons. Area : 13.000 sqm


VNUE residences is situated in the Northern parts of Ödemiş, İzmir, newly developing with its new zone planning. The project seems to be the pioneer of the territory in terms of the future residential projects.

VNUE residences are made up of two blocks of flats with a common yard between. The first block is consisted of commercial centres on the ground floor alongside with the main street, residences on the upper floors. The second block is totally consisted of residences having small gardens on the ground floor, terraces on the top floors, views both to the street and the yard for the rest of the floors.

The first block, having a side to the Western side, was to be the representative of the project. Since it is the firstly noticed building and has a view of the sports area and social areas the materials to be used and architectural touches were different from the other block. The corner unit in this block was removed to make the entrance distinctive and to create an area for the people.

The idea of creating a common social space has formed the design and from the very beginning of the project. In today’s modern city life the necessity for relaxation is gradually increasing. VNUE residences offers such a yard in which dwellers can peacefully go on living.

Inside of the site in addition to the open area where people can socialize, there is also an indoor location for the same purpose. It can be foreseen that this place is going to be a midpoint for the dwellers especially with the pool view. Contrary to the classic open pools, in this project the pool was located on the basement floor in order to prevent the worries about the privacy.

The planning sequence for the “next to-each-other” type of flat alongside of a linear horizontal walking path is not preferred by the local users because of long and dull corridors and lots of flats opening to a single hall. However, in V’nue residences contrary to this linear walking path, vertical path core and the flats around it typology was preferred, so on each floor hall there are two max three flats were bound and spacious, naturally illuminated walking path was provided.