Tatsaloglu Apartment

Project details

Location : İzmir, Bostanlı
Status : Under Construction
Type : Residence
Cons. Area : 600 sqm


The building is a residence project and situated on a narrow parcel in one of the important provinces of İzmir. The narrow parcel of the building made it difficult to work on, but also it forced us to be creative as well. For this reason, the design were based on being compact and all the rooms were kept in minimum standards but functional.

In the design of the façade, rather than using a rhythmic pattern asymmetrical layout was preferred. The difference of the exterior of the building put it a dynamic effect and highlighted the view of the building. The voids on the exterior are covered with wooden opaque and transparent surfaces.

The building has two different functions together. On the ground floor commercial services occur and the upper floors are for residential issues. In order to indicate that the ground and the upper floors are different from each other, on the ground floor transparent materials were used.