SSP Gmbh Headquarters

Project details

Location : Germany,Bobingen
Status : Under Construction
Type : Commercial
Cons. Area : 5000 sqm


SSP Headquarter has been designed to be used by different users having different profiles within the boundaries of SSP Factory Production Hall. The staff working in the production hall, office staff and the one who reside in the residence floor are three different groups that stay together.

Since the project is a type of headquarter, this project was aimed to be the promotional face of the firm. For this reason, interior, the mass and façade design were to be prestigious.

The entrance of the building was made different from the whole of the construction. With the gallery space in the entrance, we tried to put twice much airy space to the entrance and made it more inviting. Besides, the installation designed for this entrance improves the entrance perception and increases the quality.

In the design of the façade transparent and opaque surfaces were used together to make the building seem balanced based on solid/void and to let controlled sunshine in.